Halkidiki in northern Greece, famous for its three peninsulas, is an eclectic destination where white sand beaches, Byzantine-era monasteries and villages teeming with award-winning restaurants and a buzzing nightlife are dotted along the coastline, harmoniously coming together for discerning travellers.

The peninsulas, Kassandra, Sithonia and Athos – known as the three legs or fingers of Halkidiki – all uniquely radiate their own charm and character.

Kassandra is the most developed and it comes as no surprise that it knows how to entertain; from festivals and adventure activities to beach parties and opportunities to indulge traditional food. But with the bustling, also comes natural beauty and Kassandra’s beaches with its turquoise waters and crimson sunsets set the tone for relaxation like a real Greek gem.

In the middle lies the undiscovered, uncrowded quieter leg of Sithonia, a sleepy and isolated destination for travellers yearning for peace and tranquillity. The mountainous Sithonia brims with almost 100 beaches and has some of the clearest waters in the world, making it excellent for swimming, diving and it is a haven for boating enthusiasts, whether it is by sailboat, yacht or motorboat. Visitors can also explore the area on foot or with a bicycle and you can enjoy wine-tasting and the archaeological site of Toroni Castle ruins.

Athos, the third and easternmost peninsula of Halkidiki, – also known as the Holy Mountain and a UNESCO World Heritage Site – is home to a remote monastic community and honoured by Eastern Orthodox Christians as a holy land and place of pilgrimage. Not everyone may enter Mount Athos but excursions by boat are on offer to give you an opportunity to appreciate and admire the sight from a distance.


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