Winter destinations in Greece: Kaimaktsalan

Now that the winter season is approaching, what a better place to escape to than Agios Athanasios – Kaimaktsalan in Greece.

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Get ready to ski your sorrows away at the highest ski resort in Greece, marvel the imposing mountains and lose yourself amidst the scenic streets of the most picturesque villages in ancient Pella.

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Agios Athanasios is a fairy-like winter resort featuring one of the most modern ski resorts in all of Greece. It is a scenic village of natural wonders and authentic beauties with cobblestone alleys and traditional houses taking you back in time.

In the greater area of Pella, one can encounter remnants of ancient settlements along with gold jewelry and coins resting in the fields.

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But what else can you admire while in the area? Of course the famous Pozar Hot Springs. Enjoy a warm bath in natural pools while everything around you is covered in snow. Walk through the gorge and enjoy some hiking and climbing adventures in the spell-binding surroundings of Pozar Hot Springs.

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Head to the Agra wetland and marvel over 250 different species of birds, visit the Monastery of Archangel Michael standing 700 meters above sea level and hike from the ski resort all the way to the church of Profitis Elias, definitely a hike worth your while!

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Agios Athanasios-Kaimaktsalan has become one of the top winter destinations to visit!

Take a short winter break to the Excelsior boutique hotel in Thessaloniki center and then head to discover the beauties of Agios Athanasios-Kaimaktsalan standing only 2 hours away by car.

The Excelsior Thessaloniki


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