Top 5+1 Things to do in Thessaloniki in August with Kids

Thessaloniki is a favorable all year round destination for couples, business travelers, single travelers as well as families with young kids. But what are some of the best things to do with the family in Thessaloniki during August? Let’s take a look at the top 5+1 things to do with kids during August in Thessaloniki.

1. The Beach

thessaloniki beach(Image Credits:

There are several beaches close to Thessaloniki where you can take the kids for a nice swim such as Vrasna Beach, Agia Triada, Epanomi, Asprovalta etc.

2. The Waterland

thessaloniki waterpark(Image Credits:

The Waterland of Thessaloniki is the ultimate summer destination for both kids and adults. Covering an area of 150.000 square meters, it is considered the largest water park in Greece as well as one of the largest in all of Europe. Get ready to swim, splash around the pools, slide on the most exciting waterslides and attend a series of games and activities that will pump up your adrenaline.

3. Thessaloniki’s Zoo

zoo thessaloniki(Image Credits:

Not like the zoos you are used to with the exotic animals from faraway lands. This is a different kind of zoo, filled with small animals and bird species of the region, perfect for giving young ones an idea of the greater area they are visiting.

4. Short Cruise to Thermaikos

Klio-cruise-bar(Image Credits:

The best way to marvel the city of Thessaloniki is by sea, on a cruise exploring the gulf of Thermaikos with a refreshing drink for the entire family to enjoy on board.

5. Cycling along the promenade

Cycling in thessaloniki(Image Credits:

Featuring a great number of bike rental companies as well as proper cycling infrastructure, Thessaloniki welcomes guests of all ages to cycle their way to the city’s most renowned sites and attractions.

6. The Magic Park

magic park thessaloniki(Image Credits:

The Magic Park in Thessaloniki is one of the largest amusement parks in all of Greece featuring all kinds of entertainment options such as rides, games, water fun adventures and playgrounds for kids of all ages to enjoy.


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