Top Archeological Sites in Northern Greece

Northern Greece is a cradle of archaeological heritage, a land of kings, astonishing wealth and abundant natural beauty. If you are planning a trip to Greece make sure to have plenty of time to visit some of its top sites and attractions as seen below.
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Vergina became famous the world over in 1978 when three significant royal tombs were discovered, one of which is believed to be the tomb of Philip II of Macedonia, father of Alexander the Great. Amidst the most remarkable findings, two solid gold urns, frescoes, portraits, golden wreaths and silver vessels attest the glory of their time.


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Founded in the 4th century B.C. ancient Pella became the capital of the state of Macedonia. Findings from the area are exhibited in the museum set on the site of the excavations, featuring mosaic floors from 300 B.C., roof tiles, reliefs and sculptures from the Classical and Hellenistic period, figurines, pottery, marble sculptures and ornaments.


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Built in 42 B.C., Philippi was the first city in Europe that the apostle Saint Paul preached the gospel in 49 A.D., the first city in which he built a church. Philippi was named after Philip himself who answered the call of Krinides and helped them defeat the Thracians in 365 BC. All findings from the excavations that begun in 1914 are now housed at the Philippi Archaeological Museum.


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Dion was the sacred city of Macedonia founded by its kings to honor Zeus, the Olympian God. Standing in the foothills of Mount Olympus, the site features the ruins of two theaters and a Roman bath.

Since Athens is quite far from this historical sites, you may begin your adventure from the city of Thessaloniki and The Excelsior hotel. Stay a few days to marvel the cultural capital of the Balkans and then head to discover the hidden treasures of Northern Greece.



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