Thessaloniki’s Memory Paths

The history and heritage of Thessaloniki can be traced through the paths of its memories. Every battle that has been fought, every artist that was inspired, every discovery that was made is about to awaken through Thessaloniki’s Memory Paths.

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In its aim to support The Down Syndrome Association of Greece, The Union of Tourist Guides of Thessaloniki and Northern Greece is organizing a series of free guided tours in Thessaloniki beginning Sunday February 5th. The “Memory Paths” & “Present Paths” tours will be held every Sunday in the city of Thessaloniki and will soon expand to the rest of Northern Greece.

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On Sunday the 5th of February, get ready to uncover the secrets of the past as you walk from the White Tower to Egnatia street and Agia Sophia tracing the paths of Thessaloniki’s occupation. Delve into the depths of history at the Archeological Museum and discover the Byzantine past at the Museum of Byzantine Culture.

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Every Sunday you are given the opportunity to follow a new path and learn all that it is to know about this historical city in the Thermaikos Gulf.

Arrange a weekend escape at The Excelsior luxury boutique hotel in the heart of Thessaloniki and discover in depth the city’s heritage, history and tradition, its turbulent past and inspiring present through this exceptional programme of guided tours.

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All tours last for approximately 2 hours and must be booked in advance at +30 6947852909.

All participants are kindly requested to offer a minimum 3-euro donation to support the cause and create the most promising paths for the future.

Are you ready to walk the “Memory Paths” of Thessaloniki?

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