Thessaloniki’s Major Sports Events

Are you a sports fan or an enthusiastic athlete? Let us introduce you to the top athletic events taking place in Thessaloniki all year long, gear you towards a participation and why not a personal record.

International Marathon Alexander the Great

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Covering an exciting route from Pela, birthplace of Alexander the Great all the way to Thessaloniki, this marathon is more than a great sports event, it is a tour through history and heritage proudly baring Alexander’s name.

Night Half Marathon

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What a better way to explore the city of Thessaloniki than wonder through its streets at night. Well, the 21,095 km Night Half Marathon gives you the opportunity to run free in the city’s streets and feel its pulse and vibrancy.

Olympus Marathon

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The perfect mountain running race for those who wish to visit Mount Olympus and enjoy the splendor of its natural park listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Beginning from the archeological site of Dion, this 44 km race passes through Litohoro and ends at the Throne of Zeus at an altitude of 2800 m.


Rally D.E.TH.

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Covering 90 km of a gorgeous mountainous route in Halkidiki this annual car race takes place every September. It begins at the entrance of the International Trade Fair and it goes on through special stages specifically designed for the race.


International Two-Day Biking Event
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A high-standards biking event organized by Velos Cycling Club every September. A cycling event attended by both local and foreign cyclists that departs from the city’s emblem, the White Tower.


North Aegean Cup

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If you are more of a sailor, then the North Aegean Cup is the event for you. Starting from Porto Karras in Halkidiki, the North Aegean Cup is held in the gulf of Toroneos and includes inshore races of all kinds.

With so many sports events to attend in the city of Thessaloniki there won’t be a dull moment during your visit. Arrange your stay at The Exclelsior hotel in the city’s center and be close to the action.



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