Thessaloniki’s Historic Cafés

If you could go back in time to see where the people of Thessaloniki used to hang out, you would soon discover that not many things have changed since then. You would see the same exact spots that people hang out to the day, radiating a feeling of timeless grace, an enduring sense of warmth and nostalgia.

Are you ready to discover the historic places for coffee & food of Thessaloniki? Let’s take a tour!

Ouzeri of Aristotelous

ouzerie_Aristotelous(Image Credits:

Hidden in a beautiful arcade on Aristotelous square, this amazing Ouzeri (tavern with ouzo) has been serving the most mouthwatering treasures since 1986 while evoking the essence of a bygone era through the art nouveau aesthetics and retro touches that mingle together in its lovely atrium.

Contact Details: Aristotelous 8, Tel: +30 231 023 0762


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Reflecting the cultural life of Thessaloniki, Olympion on Aristotelous square has been the city’s trademark since 1938 and soon housed the emblematic Olympion cinema-theater. With continuous renovations, it turned from a theater to a café and later on to a disco and continues to transform to the day according to the needs of each era.

Contact Details: Aristotelous 10, Tel: +30 231 027 8920


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This bohemian café-bar on Nikis Avenue has been the artsy hub of the city. Its theatrical ambiance, high quality of service and timeless appeal have kept its reputation strong.

Contact Details: Leof. Nikis 21, Tel: +30 231 023 9842

Ouzeri Tsinari

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A very picturesque hub in Ano Poli in a historic building evoking the charm of a bygone era. An amazing little tavern serving ouzo and mouthwatering delicacies.

Contact Details: Alexandras Papadopoulou 72, Tel: +30  231 028 4028

Ntore Zythos
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One of the most historic café-patisseries in the heart of Thessaloniki for all ages and tastes. Visitors choose Ntore Zythos for its delicious treats and vintage ambiance.

Contact Details: Str. Tsirogianni 9, Tel: +30 231 027 9010

Axilleion Café bar
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A café-bar that originally opened its doors in 1963 on Nikis Avenue and still remains one of the most popular meeting points of the city due to its very warm and noble ambiance as well as the magical views to the gulf of Thermaikos.

Contact Details: Leof. Nikis 37, Tel: +30 231 022 9330

The Mezzanine Lounge


Situated at The Excelsior hotel, the Mezzanine lounge has hosted several meetings in Thessaloniki and events in the past years and continues to dazzle its guests with its brilliantly crafted interiors and elegant atmosphere.

Arrange your stay at The Excelsior hotel and begin to uncover the hubs of Thessaloniki one by one to feel the true essence and energy of the city.


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