Thessaloniki Dressed in White

During the past few days, the residents of Thessaloniki kept waking up to a melodic all-white dance of snowflakes and so did the residents of Florina, Kozani and other regions in Northern Greece where the temperature fell way below zero. The shimmering coating of snow in Thessaloniki, turned the city into a marvelous winter wonderland sprinkled with magic!

thessaloniki with snow(Image Credits: Instagram, wu_greece)

Thessaloniki in winter is like a city taken out of a fairytale, a city dressed in white and surrounded by the blue Thermaikos gulf. What a better time to plan a romantic escape at one of the top Greek winter destinations? What a better place to enjoy your winter holidays in Greece?

thessaloniki city(Image Credits: Instagram, giorgos_kaloudis)

Start by arranging your stay at The Excelsior, one of the finest 5 star hotels in Thessaloniki’s downtown. Then take a stroll along Thessaloniki’s seaside promenade beginning from the renowned White Tower and spend your morning drinking coffee at one of the local cafes facing Mount Olympus.

The Excelsior

Then continue your stroll passing the statue of Alexander the Great and start taking some pictures when your reach the renowned Umbrellas art work.

Thessaloniki in white(Image credits:

Thessaloniki in winter(Image Credits: Instagram, mairi_lou_sourloulou)

Lose yourself through the historic streets of the city center, visit the museums, the galleries and Thessaloniki’s most famous monuments, do your shopping at some of the finest designer boutiques in town, around Tsimiski street and savor exceptional local flavors at the market.

thessaloniki 2017(Image Credits: Instagram, alexandra.kopanidou)

As the sun begins to set and the stars begin to twinkle through the all-white mist treat your other half to a romantic candle light dinner in view of the endless azure. Rekindle romance as the snow continues to fall and the evening fades into night…

Did you make some memories in the snow?

winter destinations greece(Image Credits: Instagram, fary_traveller)


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