Thessaloniki as a Conference Destination


Thessaloniki is one of the most important economic, industrial, cultural destinations not only for Greece but for the entire Balkan region and more extensively is one of the most important hubs within the south-eastern Europe region. Over and above, Thessaloniki is considered as Greece’s cultural capital city.

Taking into consideration the fact that Thessaloniki maintains a strategic importance for Greece (and the Balkan regions), it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Thessaloniki is the ideal destination for business events, corporate meeting, academic symposia and conferences.

The capability of a city to successfully organise conferences, meeting and events is an indicator which demonstrates how vibrant and liveable the city really is. Once a city, like Thessaloniki, is ready to host so many diverse events and attract the rich mosaic of people from all over the world shows just how fortunate this city really is guaranteeing excellence with the high quality of services offered to its esteem guests. The outstanding facilities, the hospitable and friendly people, the advanced infrastructure and inspired culinary experiences are just some of the qualities that every visitor can feel and see during his stay in Thessaloniki… a city dedicated to host and service its treasured guests.

Conference Facilities Thessaloniki

Additionally it should be pointed out that Thessaloniki is one of the most important transportation hubs across South-East Europe, which consecutively means that Thessaloniki constitutes the perfect holiday destination and business venue due to its advantageous location and the density of domestic and international flights.

Thessaloniki is a place which offers an abundance of options when it comes to hotels and therefore accommodation… take on board factors like central location, onsite dining availability, high-quality services, capability and experience of hotel to support high-profile events… taking into consideration these factors you can  drastically narrow down the overall number of hotels! Excelsior Hotel is the ideal option as it constitutes one of the most exquisite boutique hotels in Thessaloniki and is the epitome of a business hotel in Northern Greece.


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