The Orient Express in Thessaloniki

Riding a train can be a lasting experience, a collection of moments filled with colors, scents and local flavor. Every train with a character, a selected path and a story to tell. Stories about families that met up at a destination along the way, couples that enjoyed a romantic itinerary and friends that hopped on and off to visit some of the most wondrous places on earth.
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Such stories are fitted together like pieces of a puzzle in the Thessaloniki Railway Museum. Let’s take a tour!
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Housed in the renovated military station of OSE that was constructed in the 19th century, the Thessaloniki Railway Museum holds a collection of memories from the past. The tour begins in the station’s master office where visitors can see the map with all the Greek railway lines along with the workers’ uniforms, the technical manuals, the tools, parts of old steam and diesel engines and other artifacts related to the Greek railway.

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The highlights of the museum are the furnishings of carriages belonging to the Greek royal family bearing witness to the grace and glory of times gone by.
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Besides the exhibits, the museum also features an exquisite courtyard unlike any other with a restaurant carriage from the world famous Orient Express.


Already dreaming of your own journey in Northern Greece? You may feel that time is limited to plan a journey on a train but you may definitely consider a weekend escape to Thessaloniki. Arrange your stay at The Excelsior hotel in the city center and plan a tour to Thessaloniki’s Railway Museum.

Get on board and let your senses travel to far lands, to mysteries that have been sealed and secrets yet to be revealed.



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