The Most Renowned Festivals of Thessaloniki

Well known for its rich history and cultural heritage, Thessaloniki could only be home of some of the most renowned festivals in the country.

thessaloniki festivals

So, when you decide to visit the city, check out to see what kind of festivals are currently on and enjoy as many as possible.


1. Thessaloniki International Film Festival


The Thessaloniki International Film Festival is by far one of the most significant cultural events in Thessaloniki. Taking place at the Olympion Cinema as well as other selected areas, in November it is the perfect meeting point for film enthusiasts, screen writers, producers etc. airing some of the most exceptional films of the world cinema, tributes, special screenings and Greek productions.

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2. Thessaloniki Documentary Festival

thessaloniki documentary festival

Held in March, the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival features documentaries from around the world along with lectures, exhibitions, discussions and masterclasses held by great professionals.

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3. Dimitria Festival

dimitria festival

For a true uplifting experience, don’t miss the Dimitria Festival held in autumn featuring all kinds of music and dance performances, theater, cinema, literature, conferences, visual arts and workshops.

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4. Moni Lazariston Festival

moni lazariston

Every summer at the Lazaristes Monastery you are welcome to enjoy a series of unique performances, original events and good music that would do wonders for your entertainment.

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5. Thessaloniki International Book Fair

book fair thessaloniki

Every spring, book lovers are invited to celebrate their love for books at Thessaloniki’s International Book Fair. Hosting more than 400 exhibitors, 280 events, 20 countries and 500 authors from all over the world, the International Book Fair is rightfully considered the ultimate celebration of Arts & Culture.

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6. Thessaloniki Food Festival

food_festival thessaloniki

Thessaloniki takes pride in its food heritage and celebrates its culinary tradition every year with the most flavorsome Food Festival. Get ready to embark on a journey of flavors and aromas with culinary city tours, tasting sessions, workshops, cooking tips and delicious cooking games for children.

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7. Voroina Festival


The wines of Northern Greece are equally spectacular and therefore equally celebrated. Prepare your taste buds for an aromatic adventure every fall through a series of wine-tasting tours and experimental vinifications by the beautiful port of Thessaloniki.

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8. In-Edit International Music Documentary Film Festival

In-Edit International Music Documentary Film Festival thessaloniki

Bringing music and cinema under the same roof every April, the in-edit festival features significant musical documentaries of recent years as well as parallel events that will lure you into the magic of International Music Documentary.

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