The Many Faces of Modern Architecture in Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki’s architectural character was largely shaped in the late 19th and early 20th century. An architectural evolution began with renovations of imposing buildings with neoclassical mixtures and influences from the Ottoman Empire that continue to adorn the city to the day.

Let’s take a tour to the most significant architectural marvels of the modern era that have revived Thessaloniki’s overall look and feel.

The Neighborhoods

1. Aristotelous Square

Aristotelous_Square(Image Credits:

Aristotelous Square was redesigned by Ernest Hebrard in 1917 based on the models and trends of the European and Byzantine architecture.

2. Ladadika

The former area of the oil wholesale trade was transformed in the 19th century with the renovation of several neoclassical buildings that today host a number of cafes, bars and restaurants.

3. Ano Poli

Inspired by the Balkan architecture, Ano Poli has managed to retain its former character.

The Buildings

1. Museum for the Macedonian Struggle

Museum for the Macedonian Struggle(Image Credits:

Designed by Ernst Ziller, this neoclassical building used to house the former Greek Consulate. It was completed in 1893 and today houses the Museum for the Macedonian struggle.

2. Hotel Vienni

A neoclassical marvel of the 1880’s today houses the private educational institute of Thessaloniki.

3. Nedelkou Mansion

nedelkou_mansion(Image Credits:

Built in 1909 by architect Xenophon Paionidis, Nedelkou Mansion used to be the former residence and infirmary of the homonymous doctor. Today, it houses several activities of Mount Athos.

4. The Old Housekeeping School

A beautiful building with a heritage in education, now hosts the 13th Gymnasium.

5. The Papafeio Orphanage

The Papafeio Orphanage(Image Credits: Pinterest, Greek City Walks)

Designed by architect Xenophon Paionidis, the Papafeio orphanage operates as a Child Care Center today.

6. Loggos Mansion

Also known as the Red House, the Loggos Mansion stands out for its red color façade, its decorative ceramics and curvilinear shapes.

7. Other buildings that stand out for their architectural layout include:

moni lazariston(Image Credits:

• Building at 25 Theophilou Street
• Villa Petridis
• Mansion at 13 Theofilou Street
• The Armenian Cemetery
• The Former Russian Hospital
• Moni Lazariston
• Chateau Mon Bonheur
• Orthodox Cemetery
• Indian Cemetery
• Former Melissa Orphanage
• Salem Residence
• Building at 17 Herodotou Street
• Villa Morpurgo
• Building at 47 Mousson Street
• Villa Michaelidi
• Villa Chatzilazarou
• New Jewish Cemetery
• Zeitenlik cemetery

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