The Enchanting Quarters of Thessaloniki

Spring has sprung and the temperatures are rising as you begin to feel the need of a holiday. A short break from your everyday life filled with new images, scenes and sceneries, art and culture, golden rays of the sun and eternal blue of the sea. Escape in the city of Thessaloniki and get ready to welcome spring in the city’s magnificent quarters.

white tower thessaloniki(Image credits:

Begin your stroll from the White Tower and walk along the sea on the paved promenade where you can enjoy your coffee in view of the Thermaikos Gulf.

thessaloniki(Image credits: 

Head to the heart of the city and the Aristotelous square and marvel the neoclassical buildings. On the north of the city, walk the paved streets of the old town in Ano Poli and take in the incredible views to the port and the imposing mountains.

thessaloniki nea paralia

As the sun sets over the cerulean sea, visit the district of Ladadika and experience its vibrant night time scene.

ladadika(Image credits: Pinterest, Venetta Linas Paris )

On the next day, follow the streets to the city’s historical past in the neighborhood of Egnatia where you can visit many ancient sites including the Roman Agora and the Palace of Galerius.

thessaloniki  Palace of Galerius(Image credits:

Take a break and enjoy a sweet crepe at Navarino Square or visit the monuments of Rotonda and Kamara.

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If you are a culture enthusiast, make your way to Xan Square and visit the International Trade Fair of Thessaloniki.


No matter which street you choose to follow and which turn you end up taking, the city of Thessaloniki is filled with historical, cultural and artistic marvels so every road will take you to a site or attraction further worth exploring.

Thessaloniki port(Image credits:

If you feel like losing yourself in a symphony of colors, scents and breath-taking images, this is the time to visit the glorious city of Thessaloniki and stroll around its exceptional quarters.

Arrange your stay at The Excelsior luxury boutique hotel in the heart of the town or the urban nature City Hotel and get ready to uncover Thessaloniki’s majesty through its marvelous quarters.

spring in Thessaloniki



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