The Delicious Neighborhoods of Thessaloniki

The streets of Thessaloniki are filled with the aromas of the local cuisine, the flavors of the Mediterranean gastronomy and a scrumptious assortment of delicacies from the international culinary scene. Whatever it is you crave you’ll find it here. So, let’s take a tour to the most delicious neighborhoods of Thessaloniki.



ladadika thessaloniki(Image Credits:

The historic area of Ladadika, that was once known as the market of oil has been transformed to the ultimate culinary venue of the city. A number of hip restaurants, traditional taverns, bars and bistros will give you an idea of the city’s culinary character.


Modiano Market

agora mediano thessaloniki(Image Credits:

A gastronomic hub that since 1922 became a culinary tradition for the locals and visitors alike. Enjoy the most flavorsome meals in a covered market selling everything from meat to spices. Near Modiano you will also find the flower market of Thessaloniki, a perfect place to enjoy your coffee in the city.


Upper Town

Taverna ano poli(Image Credits:

Walk through the narrow streets and flower gardens in Tsinari and relish the most authentic Greek flavors with twists from Asia Minor. If you walk even further, you will reach the area of the castles where the food is delicious and the views…breath-taking!


Athonos Square

athonos square thessaloniki(Image Credits:

Surrounded by little shops selling delicacies of all kinds, the square of Athonos is the perfect place to enjoy a meal in Thessaloniki accompanied by Greek music.



peraia-thessaloniki(Image Credits:

If again you rather enjoy some fresh fish, then head to the seaside taverns of Perea in Thessaloniki and relish fresh fish and seafood delights right by the sea.


Navarino Square

navarino square(Image Credits:

The ultimate hub of the younger crowds welcomes you for a fast food fiesta offering everything from crepes to pizza and ice-cream.



arnaki-sto-pilino(Image Credits:

For a more authentic culinary experience we advise you to visit the picturesque villages of Chortiatis. Enjoy the magnificent atmosphere along with a flavorsome selection of meat varieties from local hunters traditionally cooked in pots of clay.


be thessaloniki food

Savor the most delectable brunch choices and alternative gastronomic proposals at be* restaurant at The Excelsior hotel or follow the culinary map of the town to the most delicious neighborhoods of the city.


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