The Best Cafes in Thessaloniki

If you were asked to describe Thessaloniki in one word, it would be coffee and more, in particular Frappe, the Greek iced-coffee favored by all ages especially during the summer.

cafes in thessaloniki

But which are the best spots in Thessaloniki to enjoy your coffee? Let’s take a look at some of the city’s best cafés!


Bar-Blue-cup-Thessaloniki(Image Credits: Facebook page, The Blue Cup)

Featuring some of the finest coffee blends from Ethiopia, Brazil, Costa Rica, El Salvador and Colombia, this is the ultimate hot spot for coffee lovers in the historic neighborhood of Ladadika.


Brasserie in thessaloniki

Combine your coffee with French croissants, homemade marmalade, delicious sweets and tarts at the best French Brasserie in town.


r2 store thessaloniki concept store(Image Credits: Facebook page, R2 Store)

An art gallery and a café with artifacts that you would want to take home with you. The strange thing is that you actually can. You may choose to buy the sofa you’ve been sitting on or the table where you were having your coffee.


to pikap thessaloniki(Image Credits:

A hybrid self-service coffee shop near the Roman Agora that was created after the merge of a radio station, a record store and a vintage clothing store bridging old-school with the modern era. You can catch a live show or just enjoy the DJ!


Coffice - Books, Coffee & More thessaloniki(Image Credits: Facebook Page, Coffice – Books, Coffee & More)

Just as its name suggests, Coffice is a coffee shop & library where you can enjoy your coffee along with homemade sweets or snacks while reading a book which you can later also borrow!


Spoon Thessaloniki(Image Credits: Facebook Page, Spoon Thessaloniki)

This is the best place on Pavlou Mela street to start off your day with exceptional breakfast, brunch and of course coffee, tea or even wine.


pieceofcake-11-770x515(Image Credits:

A tiny treasure that remains open all day long serving aromatic coffee, sweets and pastries as well as delicious cocktails.


CONTAINER ART CAFE Thessaloniki(Image Credits:

Enjoy the most amazing views to the Roman Agora along with great coffee, musical performances, discussions and exhibitions.


merenda cafe thessaloniki(Image Credits:

Relax in the beautiful and colorful patio of Merenda in Neapoli and enjoy your coffee with the most refreshing note.


With so many exceptional coffee places around Thessaloniki you will not have to wonder where to enjoy your coffee.

excelsior hotel thessaloniki

Arrange your stay at The Excelsior boutique hotel in Thessaloniki center where you can enjoy the most scrumptious coffee, breakfast and brunch at be* restaurant every morning and keep the rest of the cafes in mind for when you are on the go.


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