The 5+1 Best Business Lunch Spots of Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is one of the biggest business hubs of Southeastern Europe hosting several major exhibitions, conferences and cultural events. Catering to business travelers with an eclectic range of conference centers, event venues and state of the art meeting facilities, Thessaloniki is the perfect place to organize your business travels without a hassle. But where could you meet for lunch with your business associates or have an after-meeting cocktail?

business lunch thessaloniki

Let’s sneak a peek at the best business lunch spots of Thessaloniki.

1. be*

In an environment of high aesthetics and industrial design, alternative cuisine brilliantly blends with local flavors and international entries. Add to that the casual chic environs and creative culinary proposals and you have the perfect spot for a business lunch in Thessaloniki.

*be* restaurant, Komninon 10, The Excelsior, +30 2310 021 010


2. Ergon Agora

Very unique and delicate, this deli-restaurant offers an eclectic range of local flavors in a very impressive industrial design setting ideal for a business meeting or a casual event.

*ERGON AGORA, Pavlou Mela 42, +30 2310288008

ergon agora thessaloniki(Image Credits:

3. Neon Ideal

A very chic bistro envisioned by the architect Rania Stamataki that looks more like a Parisian café-resto dressed in green. The velvet couches, the lighting and mirrors add an extra elegant feel to the atmosphere that is perfectly orchestrated with refined dishes that will tickle your taste buds.

*Grigoriou Palama 1, +30 2310273039

Neon Ideal(Image Credits: Neon Ideal, Facebook Page)

4. Ionos

Chic and stylish, this bar-resto is characterized by the wooden touches and the brit styled booths as well as the creative dishes prepared by the chef Manolis Papoutsakis. Get ready to savor the freshest and most delicious salads, tarts, pastas and meat specialties in the most elegant environs.

*Ionos Dragoumi 3, Eleftherias Square, +30 231 051 4545

ionos restaurant thessaloniki(Image Credits:

5. Thria

A stylish restaurant oozing the sophistication and energy of a New York bistro while offering views to the gulf of Thermaikos. Get ready to experience the most fascinating culinary experiments in the open kitchen supervised by Dimitris Tasioulas. A blend of fine quality ingredients, high aesthetics and infinite creativity that will twist and twirl your taste buds.

*Thria, Maria Kalas 1, Poseidonio, +30 231 082 1120 

thria(Image Credits: Thria restaurant, Facebook Page)

6. Blacklime

Experience 5-star service in a 5-star environment, designed with style and comfort in mind. A place with an attitude and a secret; a secret garden perfect for a romantic dinner or a business meeting accompanied with fine quality flavors and drinks.

*Blacklime, Tsimiski 24, Hirs arcade, Thessaloniki, +30 231 026 0197

blacklime thessaloniki(Image Credits: 

So, next time you are in town and you are trying to figure out where to meet your business associates for lunch, you know exactly where to head.

All that is left to say is, Bon appétit!


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