The 10 Top UNESCO Monuments of Thessaloniki

Since 1988, Thessaloniki is proud to host several declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. So, if you are a culture lover, fond of historical monuments and old world treasures, this is your chance to tour the open air Museum of Thessaloniki and discover 10 of its top UNESCO monuments. Ready to walk through history?

1. The White Tower

White Tower

First of all, let’s marvel up close the emblem of Thessaloniki, the White Tower, also known as the Kalamaria Fortress, the Tower of Blood and the Tower of Yenitsaroi in earlier years.

2. Heptapyrgion

eptapyrgio(Ιmage Credits:

One of the most emblematic fortifications of the Balkans, Heptapyrgion or else Yendi Koule that used to function as a prison.

3. Rotοnda

thessaloniki monuments

An exceptional monument of the pagan and Christian world of great architectural importance and historical heritage.

4. Acropolis Walls

Ano-Poli(Ιmage Credits:

In the scenic area of Ano Poli the city’s walls of defense still stand welcoming you to step back in time while gazing at the amazing views to the gulf of Thermaikos.

5. The Church of St. Demetrios

thessaloniki agios dimitrios(Ιmage Credits:

Explore the most important early Christian church of the city dedicated to Thessaloniki’s patron saint. St. Demetrios who was imprisoned and martyred there in 303 AD.

6. The Byzantine Baths

vyzantino-loutro(Ιmage Credits:

The Byzantine Baths have been in the city of Thessaloniki since 1300 BC and still stand to the day and are therefore considered a living part of the city’s tradition, past and heritage.

7. The Church of St. Sophia

agia sofia thessaloniki

The city’s spiritual beacon that has been left untouched by time. The church of Agia Sophia was built in the last decades of the 7th century.

8. Vlatadon Monastery

monastery thessaloniki(Ιmage Credits:

This Monastery was the place where Apostle Paul preached the word of Christianity. It is the only Byzantine monastery in Thessaloniki still operating to the day.

9. Latomou Monastery

Latomou Monastery(Image Credits:

Named after the stone quarry nearby, the Latomou Monastery is dedicated to Osios David and it is famous for the amazing mosaics of early Christian art or else Vision of Ezekiel.

10. Panayia Chalkeon

thessaloniki Panagia Halkeon

The church with two names, both inspired by its locality. Known as the Red Church, a name inspired by the vivid red color of its bricks or Panayia Chalkeon named after the nearby district of coppersmiths.

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