Sweet Treats from Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki Sweet Mpougatsa

Thessaloniki is not only one of the most important economic, industrial and cultural destinations of Greece but a popular culinary destination as well! The name of Thessaloniki is interwoven with the unique culinary moments one can experience in this metropolitan city.

Without any further ado… the Trigona of Panorama  (meaning triangles in the Greek language named after their triangular shape) constitute a signature Thessaloniki dessert. Whenever you decide to visit Thessaloniki, the triangle shaped pastries stuffed with custard cream is a sweet that you should not miss!

Trigono Panorama Thessaloniki

The origin of most of the Thessalonians is from Asia Minor. Coming to Thessaloniki, decades ago, they brought along their customs, habits as well as their exceptional culinary heritage and they managed to maintain the art of cooking, from generation to generation.  An Asia Minor sweet that you must taste while in Thessaloniki is Kazan Ntipi… kazan meaning big pot and ntipi meaning bottom in the Turkish language, the eastern version of a crème brulle made by buffalo milk…

Thessaloniki Kazan Ntipi

Another exquisite sweet is Tsoureki (brioche) which you can find in many flavours (e.g chocolate, chestnut etc.). Tsoureki is traditionally made during Easter and it is usually baked at this time of the year. However due to its popularity (and due to the flavours which is accompanied with) is a popular sweet all year round.

Tsoureki Thessaloniki

Bougatsa, Thessaloniki’s old time favourite, is a delicious sweet made of sfogliatelle (pastry of many layers) filled with cream and covered with cinnamon and white sugar, also recognized as another of Thessaloniki’s signature desserts.

Mpougatsa Thessaloniki

If all the above sweet treats have added on your reasons to visit Thessaloniki, set off for an exploration of unique flavours while staying at City Hotel one of the most famous Thessaloniki Town Hotels or Excelsior Hotel one of the finest boutique hotels in Northern Greece


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