Summer Memories from Thessaloniki

thessaloniki memories(Image Credits: Iconosquare, Emmanouela Pantelaiou)

“Arriving at each new city, the traveler finds again a past of his that he did not know he had: the foreignness of what you no longer are or no longer possess lies in wait for you in foreign, unpossessed places.” – Italo Calvino

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If you ask someone to describe you the city of Thessaloniki, he will describe it according to his memories during his stay there. Those memories have been built with experiences and usually, summer experiences build the best of memories!

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Summer memories in Thessaloniki will surely begin just from the very first look at the White Tower that stands in front of the Thermaic gulf impressing visitors with its imposing presence.

thessaloniki(Image Credits:

Nostalgic summer memories of the walk at the New Promenade (Nea Paralia) under the bright sky of Thessaloniki, where the combination of a cold coffee and “mpougatsa” pie with cream is the best way to admire the sea of the city and to enjoy a relaxing afternoon.

mpougatsa thessaloniki

The most romantic memories from Thessaloniki city are those taking place in Ano Poli. The colorful amphitheatrical district of Ano Poli with its small picturesque alleys and the unique architecture of its houses, serves as the perfect place to take beautiful summer pictures.

thessaloniki memories(Image Credits: Ivan2,

But what would summer in Thessaloniki be like without a visit at the vibrant area of Ladadika and a shopping tour at the charming Kapani market!

thessaloniki kapani market(Image Credits:

It is not only the urban gorgeousness of Thessaloniki that creates the memories of the summer. It’s also the rejuvenating and blissful coastal beach of Navagio in Epanomi, where the swimming experience “travels” the bathers back in time as they gazing at the remnant of a sunken boat.

summer thessaloniki(Image Credits:

The guests of City Hotel and Excelsior Hotel, had the opportunity to build their own summer memories from Thessaloniki while enjoying the ultimate in pampering accommodation in the center of Thessaloniki and have access to all choices of sightseeing and entertainment.

Into the eco-friendly environment of City Hotel and the sophisticated environment of The Excelsior, visitors find peace, tranquility and absolute luxury! For both hotels, the pleasure of summer accommodation is of high importance and what is left for you, is to live the experience they offer!

city hotel thessaloniki


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