Some traditions remain intact: Open air cinemas of Thessaloniki

This year, the municipal open air cinemas of Thessaloniki reached a new record of attendance with the beginning of the summer season. Both Cine Panorama and Cine Pylaia have opened their curtains against all odds offering the people of Thessaloniki an extra special type of entertainment.

cine panorama_thessaloniki

Showing an amazing selection of exceptional films featuring Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant, George Clooney and Julia Roberts, Cine Panorama remained packed since its opening.

Cine Pylaia has also increased its sales from last year and it is expected to skyrocket with the projection of the new episode of “Ice Age”. Since its opening 4 years ago, Cine Pylaia is attracting more and more people in its audience, showing that more and more civilians are seeking for alternative ways of entertainment, enhancing the culture of the area while supporting all kinds of artistic proposals.

cine panorama thessaloniki

Last year’s numbers showed that more than 10.000 people attended at least one of the films that was screened at Pylaia and this is truly a very optimistic observation as it shows that a great number of citizens are shifting towards a classier and more qualitative choice of entertainment.

cine pylaia thessaloniki

If you consider yourself to be one of the few cultural fanatics, always supporting quality venues and timeless traditions arrange your stay at The Excelsior hotel in the heart of Thessaloniki and get ready to cine-relax under the open sky while watching a flick of your choice.

the excelsior hotel in thessaloniki center

Go back in time and away from the fast pace of everyday life as you enter the intriguing world of the Cinema.

Can you think of a better way to spend a sweet summer night in Thessaloniki?

Image Credits: Panos Efstathiou

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