Places You Must Visit in Macedonia | The City-jewels of Macedonia

Heading to the historical land of Macedonia and the city of Thessaloniki, we welcome you to stopover in 4 of its most precious city-jewels on your way to breathe in the inimitable air, essence and character of each city to the fullest.

KASTORIA / Find on Map

kastoria(Image Credits:

Discover the Byzantine treasures and fur-shops, take a stroll around the lake, admire the tranquility, the mystical atmosphere and unique bird species, visit the Dragon’s Cave, the freshwater aquarium and head all the way to Agios Athanasios view point to admire the city from above.

FLORINA / Find on Map

florina(Image Credits:

Welcome to the land of the lakes and the fairy-like seaside villages, pause for a moment by the river and take in the incredible scenery, marvel the historical mansions and if weather permitting, go skiing at the Vigla Ski Center.

EDESSA / Find on Map

EDESSA Waterfalls(Image Credits:

Cross over the little bridges, walk around the town and head to the renowned waterfalls. Walk behind the water curtain, hang out at the park of the waterfalls filled with tall trees and flowers and visit the cave, the open air water museum and the aquarium.

KAVALA / Find on Map

kavala(Image Credits:

Visit the Castle, the Acropolis, the Imaret, the Mohamed Ali square, the Hussein Bey Mosque, the old lighthouse at the old city of Kavala also known as Panayia. Marvel the neoclassical mansions, the tobacco warehouses, Eleftherias square, the historical buildings and the Kamares.


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