Ottoman Heritage Walks in Thessaloniki



Thessaloniki is a vibrant city full of history, from the ancient times till the modern era, where contemporary mingles with ancient and vice versa.  Thessaloniki carries rich elements from the pass of the Ottoman Empire that still stand as a reminder of the city’s long history. Don’t hesitate to walk the paths of history and discover the roots of the city…

Some monuments worth visiting are dotted throughout the city:

Louloudadika in Thessaloniki

‘’Louloudadika’’ also known as Florist Shops or the Baths of the Great Market – Yahudi Hamami: the Baths of the Great Market (Pazar-i kebir hamami), the Women’s Baths (Kadinlarhamami) and the Jewish Baths (Yahudi hamami). The latter, and best-known, name is owed to the location of the baths in an exclusive Jewish district.

Bezesteni Thessaloniki

The Bezesteni covered market (15th century), after contemporary restoration.

Bay Hamam Thessaloniki

Bey Hamami (Paradise Baths):  This large bathhouse was constructed in 1444 by Sultan Murat II, according to the Arabic inscription above the entrance of the men’s baths. The baths were designed for use by both sexes, with separate entrances and facilities for men and women.

Ottoman Heritage Walks in Thessaloniki - EN

Make sure to attend the Ottoman heritage walks in Thessaloniki and  experience the most that the city has to offer. Stay in the heart of the town and indulge in history at one of the most luxury hotels in Thessaloniki, Excelsior boutique hotel.


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