Open-air Cinemas in Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is a city famous for its ample choices of entertainment and leisure attracting visitors of all ages from around the world all year round.

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One of the must do things while enjoying your summer holidays in Thessaloniki is to catch a flick in one of the numerous open-air cinemas in Thessaloniki’s city center.

1. Apollon
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Rent a bike and ride to one of the most famous summer cinemas in Thessaloniki. Enjoy your favorite movie while relaxing amidst the lush garden in an atmosphere oozing with serenity and calm as well as refined jasmine and basil scents.

2. Cine Alex

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An oasis in the heart of Thessaloniki awaits all cine-enthusiasts to enjoy their favorite black and white films while sipping their coffee or an ice-cold beer and eating a delicious hot dog from the bar.

3. Ellinis 1 & 2
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The first is situated at a cozy courtyard next to Vellidio’s garden while the second one right in the veranda of Vellidio Convention Center boasting a wonderful view to the city. The first one features a bar while the second one is served by the main bar of the convention center and both offer and eclectic array of mainstream films mostly from the European cinematography as well as kids flicks and comedies.

4. Natalie
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On the coastal avenue of Alexander the Great awaits a lush retreat by the sea to entertain you with the best that the world of cinematography has to offer.

So, if you are staying at The Excelsior hotel over the summer and you are wondering what to do in Thessaloniki, here is an idea.

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Watch your favorite film with your significant other, family or friends under the starry sky!



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