Enrich your knowledge with the amusing history of Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki History Centre(Source: http://www.enjoythessaloniki.com/)

Except from the fact that Thessaloniki is a magnificent city with an exquisite nightlife, it is also a city with a rich history. A live city museum with historical sites in every corner simply set amidst the stunning scenery. Get ready, as you are about to stand in front of a thrilling set of images that you will never forget.

Lose yourself into the depths of the city’s great wealth of culture and heritage, the numerous sightseeing attractions and stopover the Thessaloniki History Centre.
Established in 1983, Thessaloniki’s History Centre was formed to collect, rescue, record and preserve printed, written and audio-visual material related to the history of Thessaloniki.

It also facilitates historical research related to the city and wishes to excite the interest of both visitors and locals. Donated by the couple Anastasiou and Julia’s Billy since 1995, Thessaloniki’s History Centre has been housed at a privately owned modern building on Hippodrome Square.

hippodrome square
(Source: http://thessaloniki4all.gr/)

The building consists of three floors featuring a well-equipped exhibition space on the ground floor, a specialized historical library on the second and another exhibition hall on the 3rd floor.

During its 31 years of operation, it has developed activities in various sectors aiming to identify and highlight more historical evidence, which will add to the record of the city’s history. Thessaloniki’s History Centre has created an excellent library with a number of rare books that were donated or purchased and now remain classified under the Municipal Archive.

Library Thessaloniki Historical centre(Source: http://www.enjoythessaloniki.com/)

The library consists of 4,000 books, 3,000 photographs, 5,000 postcards, posters and historical maps and it is visited daily by history researchers.
The History Centre frequently organizes events such as historical exhibitions, conferences and many other interesting expositions worth attending.


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