Discover the Best Cocktail Bars in Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is, undoubtedly, a popular destination for young travelers, not only for the wide range of cultural events taking place in the heart of the city but also for its vibrant nightlife. Indeed, the city offers a wide range of music bars, bistro restaurants, clubs, pubs, coffee shops and many more, ideal for socializing, drinking signature cocktails or savoring mouth-watering specialties.

cocktail bars in thessaloniki

Here we have distinguished 6 of the top cocktail spots in Thessaloniki, where a cocktail creates a new experience for the traveler and a challenge for the bartender.

1. Cocktail Bar

Cocktail Bar thessaloniki

Cocktail bar is the first self-service bar in Thessaloniki, often with live music or Dj sets. With a touch of New York, neon lights and wall projects, now it has become one of the most popular meeting points. The drinks are very tasty and the crowd visiting is quite energetic.

Info: Politexniou 17A (Stoa), +30 2310524242

2. Pasta Flora Darling

pastaflora darling

Specialized in cocktails, you will find a charming colorful café in the very center of the city with a unique atmosphere and an artistic decor influenced by the British Pop culture. This place will travel you back in time as soon as you step in. Visit Pasta Flora after a busy day and relax while drinking a refreshing cocktail.

Info: Zefxidos 6, +30 2310261518

3. Fragile

Fragile Thessaloniki

Fragile is a known terrace which attracts visitors who wish to have a cocktail with a view. This roof bar is chosen for the cool breeze on a hot summer night, the nice view to the center of Thessaloniki, its seating arrangements of big wooden boxes and the projector showing scenes from old TV series on the wall. Let the waiter suggest the cocktails that meet your preferences, as there is no cocktail menu available.

Info: Valaoritou 29, +30 2310547443

4. La Doze

la doze thessaloniki

La Doze bar has been awarded as “The best bar outside Athens” and it is situated in one of the hippest neighborhoods of the city center. Homemade cocktails, music vibes from underground hip hop to funky disco and art gallery artifacts are only some of the elements that will trigger your senses in this small bar.

Info: Vilara 1 & Syggrou, +30 2310922247

5. Vogatsikou 3

vogatsikou 3
Vogatsikou 3 bar is a bar where balance, technique and indulgence will guide you in a trip of unique flavors. A bar with an amazing spirits collection, a long cocktail list of premium quality in a stylish atmosphere blended with soulful, funk and disco tunes with a twist of pop music. Cocktails such as the Breakfast in Martinique and Pink Panther will lift your taste buds to new heights!

Info: Vogatsikou 3, +30 2310 222899

6. be*

be* restaurant in thessaloniki center

be* restaurant in Thessaloniki is an alternative restaurant-bar with an industrial attitude. It serves American food in a beautifully stylish atmosphere combined with classical jazz, Indie music and other music types. But besides that be* features a mouth-watering list of 30+ cocktails especially designed for every taste.

Info: Mitropoleos 23 & Komninon 11, +30 2310021010

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Visit one of the cocktail bars in Thessaloniki center, blend in with the crowd and cheer the night away!

the Excelsior

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