Bon Appétit in Thessaloniki – Bistros in Thessaloniki

Always functioning as a hub of European culture, gastronomy and heritage, Thessaloniki could only be home to some of the finest French bistros in northern Greece, bringing visitors closer to the romanticism, atmosphere and charm of a true Parisian experience.

Ready for a Parisian adventure?

Charlie D. Brasserie

Brasserie in thessaloniki

A new entry in the bistro scenery of Thessaloniki nestled at The Excelsior hotel. A little French bistro evoking a Parisian charm with traditional French recipes and dishes inspired by the French countryside.

Contact Details: Komninon 10, Tel.: +30 231 002 1010

Coq Au Zen

Coq au Zen thessaloniki(Image Credits:

A charming French bistro in Thessaloniki, hidden on a small porch on the street of Valaoritou, serving refined flavors from the international gastronomy with a French twist.

Contact Details: Valaoritou 37, Tel.: +30 231 052 0119

Garçon Brasserie

Garçon Brasserie(Image Credits:

Inspired by the authentic Parisian brasseries, this enchanting brasserie on Thessaloniki promenade will steal your heart with its delicious flavors, its deco character and casual chic atmosphere.

Contact Details: Agias Sofias 2, Tel.: +30 231 025 3033

La Place Mignonne

La-Place-Mignonne(Image Credits:

With the typical atmosphere of a French bistro, La Place Mignonne is a wonderful little bistro in the heart of Thessaloniki ideal for brunch, lunch, first dates and evening cocktails.

Contact Details: Eth. Aminis 4, Tel.: +30 2310 288354


Begin your Parisian adventure from The Excelsior hotel and the newly introduced Charlie D. and unlock the secrets of the French gastronomy and glamour.


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