Beat the Heat of Thessaloniki with Ice-cream

During the peak of the summer, the city of Thessaloniki tends to get very hot but that shouldn’t hold you back from your daily excursions. There are several ways to beat the heat of the summer even when strolling through a bustling city center, but there is only one that tastes exquisite…ice-cream!

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Let’s savor the most delicious ice-cream flavors, from vanilla and chocolate to bubble gum, cheesecake, banoffee, Ferrero Rocher and brownies at the city’s most popular ice-cream shops.

Gelati e Amore

italos thessaloniki(Image Credits:

Since 2005, this Italian ice-cream shop has stolen the heart of both locals and visitors. The mouth-watering and healthy ice-cream choices make it the perfect place for children to enjoy their favorite flavors. Also known as Italos, Gelati e Amore is the vision of one man, Franko, who is responsible for everything that goes on in his ice-cream workshop.

Address: Alexandrou Svolou 44

Gelateria – Cioccolateria Bombolo

ice cream salonika(Image Credits:

For a real Italian ice-cream head to Mitropoleos street and get ready to savor the freshest ice-cream choices produced right in front of your eyes with the finest local ingredients. Along with your ice-cream try a Belgian waffle or a delicious Waffliterol.

Address: Mitropoleos 88

Vanilla Gelateria

THESSALONIKI ICE CREAM(Image Credits: Facebook, @vanillathessaloniki)

As its name suggests, Vanilla Gelateria is the place to go to enjoy the most flavorsome Madagascar vanilla flavor. Everything in the ice-cream shop is made from scratch with the finest quality ingredients. If again you are not a vanilla fanatic, the homemade pistachio ice-cream as well as the spicy chocolate with chili are definitely worth trying.

Address: Mitropoleos 129


In 2008, the city welcomed a new player in the field, Pagoseto. An ice-cream shop that became viral and was even broadcasted on BBC due to its very unusual ice-cream flavors. From Tzatziki & Ouzo, to Frape & Mpougatsa, Kazan Dipi & Florinas Peppers, Pagoseto has managed to capture the spirit of Thessaloniki in the most extraordinary ice-cream flavors.

strange flavors ice cream(Image Credits:

Address: Dimitriou Gounari 18

Gelateria Likyliky

Gelateria Likyliky(Image Credits: Facebook, @LikyLikyThessaloniki)

If again you are craving an authentic Italian ice-cream, then the Gelateria Likyliky franchise is the place to be. Get ready to tickle your palates with the most traditional flavors from Italy. From Cassata Siciliana, Fig-Ricotta and Zabaglione to Pana cotta with caramel and cherry-chocolate, prepare to savor the essence of Italy right in the heart of Thessaloniki.

Address: Alexandrou Papanastasiou 111

Zaharoplastion Ellinikon


For those who prefer the classic flavors, then Zaharoplastion Ellinikon is the ultimate choice. Opened in 1938, this original ice-cream shop still stands to the day with its original recipes and some modern twists. Using only fresh high quality ingredients from Macedonia, this traditional ice-cream store features more than 40 milk-shake & sorbet flavors. Make sure to try the parfait armenovil chestnut, Cassata, Chicago and Mocha as well as the gluten free flavors with natural sweeteners.

Address: Vassilisis Olgas 209

So, next time you leave the cozy environs of your room at The Excelsior luxury boutique hotel and feel that the heat is becoming unbearable, cool off with a refreshing ice-cream at one of the city’s top ice-cream shops.


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