Autumn Falls in Thessaloniki with the 50th Dimitria Festival

As the summer is about to come to a close, Thessaloniki is getting ready to welcome the fall with the Dimitria Festival and add a splash of culture to the misty days from the 26th of September to the 18th of October.

dimitria festival thessaloniki 2015(Image credits: Facebook, Festival Dimitria)

From ballet performances to jazz concerts, drama acts and poetic adaptations, intriguing choreography recitals and eye-opening exhibits, art workshops and cinematic projections, meetings, parties and parallel events, Thessaloniki has what it takes to seduce culture enthusiasts into a great entertainment fiesta in the breath of autumn.

dimitria festival thessaloniki 2015(Image credits:

Travelers wishing to attend this spectacular series of events are welcome to stay at The Excelsior 5 star boutique hotel in Thessaloniki and delve into the depths of authenticity, sophistication and grandeur through new paths of cultural revelation.

dimitria festival thessaloniki(Image credits:

Taking place at some of the most prominent venues of the city, such as the City Hall and Concert Hall of Thessaloniki, Avlaia Theater, Maison Crystal, Black Box, Theater of the Society for Macedonian Studies and many more, Dimitria Festival is about to fill the streets of Thessaloniki with splashes of culture and art.

dimitria festival thessaloniki 2015(Image credits:

The sign of Dimitria’s 50th anniversary will be a symbolic ultrasound of a fetus, indicating the “rebirth” of culture, while this year’s motto “Futureval” shows the festival’s acceleration towards the future!

dimitria festival thessaloniki 2015(Image credits:

With a great selection of venues, the 50th Dimitria Festival aims to introduce a unique range of innovative artistic proposals to all citizens and attendees. Visitors wishing to fully embrace the notion and cosmopolitan flair of the festival are invited to immerse in the splendor and unrivalled atmosphere of The Excelsior in the heart of the town, enjoy the most intriguing and original flavors at the be* restaurant and embrace the lively spirit of Thessaloniki in an environment drenched with luxury.

Autumn is approaching, get ready to welcome the opening of the season with the most spectacular choices of entertainment in the most vibrant neighborhoods of Thessaloniki.


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