An Artful Spring in Thessaloniki

Inspired by the scents, the blooming colors and heightened energy of spring, all art centers of Thessaloniki welcome this glorious season with the most exceptional art exhibitions.

Let’s sneak a peek at the city’s must visit art shows for 2018.

Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art

* 26/04-20/05/18 – Contemporary Chinese Art
* May-July – Inspire Project



Museum of Byzantine Culture

* 20/04-17/06/18 – “Memories of monuments, the photographic depiction of ancient monuments of Athens during the 19th century”
* 27/06-02/09/18 – Nikolas Sfikas-Alfonso teaches Bronstein

Memories of monuments(Ιmage Credits:


Archeological Museum of Thessaloniki

* May-June 2018 – The Descent of Odysseus into Hades by Nikos Viskadourakis
* May-July 2018 – Archeology & Me, following the Pan-European competition, My/your archeology- depicting the past

Archeological Museum of Thessaloniki(Image Credits: 


Thessaloniki’s State Museum of Contemporary Art

23/05-16/09/18 – Russian Avant-garde Revisited

Russian Avant - garde(Image Credits: 


Contemporary Art Center of Thessaloniki

* 13/04-27/05/18 – Ira Waldron “Interstices”
* June-September 2018 – Resilient Futures

Ira Waldron(Image Credits:


Thessaloniki’s Museum of Photography

27/02-13/09/18 – Selfimages

Selfimages (Image Credits: 

The Spring has sprung in Thessaloniki with artistic flair. Enjoy your stay at The Excelsior hotel in the heart of the city and experience art like never before.


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