A Walk of Culture in Thessaloniki

Oozing with artistic spirit, history and charm, the city of Thessaloniki welcomes you to enjoy a walk of culture at some of its most exquisite cultural centers.

1. National Bank of Greece Cultural Foundation (MIET)

Cultural Center of Thessaloniki of MIET(Image Credits: thessaloniki.travel)

Since 1989, the Cultural Center of MIET in Thessaloniki has been a major cultural center exhibiting works of art, historical topography and cultural context including exhibitions of Mount Athos. Today, it still holds great exhibitions and lectures in collaboration with many cultural centers and of course with the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

2. Thessaloniki History Center

history centre thessaloniki(Image Credits: inthessaloniki.com)

The History Center of Thessaloniki was established in 1983 by the Municipal Council of the city in order to preserve the city’s legacy. The historic library contains records, photographs and archives concerning the historical past as well as the modern history of Thessaloniki.

3. Central Library of Thessaloniki

thessaloniki library(Image Credits: wikimapia.org)

Housed in a modern building that you cannot miss, the Central Library of Thessaloniki is the hot spot for book lovers and culture enthusiasts. Coming from a turbulent past, the Library now hosts significant collections of books as well as printed and digital archives.

4. Villa Kapantzi

VILLA KAPANDJI(Image Credits: transferthessaloniki.eu)

Renowned for its exquisite architecture and outstanding décor, Villa Kapantzis played an important part in the history of the city as home of Prince Nicholas in 1912, home of prime minister Eleftherios Venizelos in 1917, resident of the Kapantzis and Cohen families later on and shelter for the refugees after the Greek defeat in Asia Minor. Preserving its monumental character, the villa was later acquired by the National Bank of Greece and finally became the prestigious Fifth Boys High School.

5. Villa Bianca

Casa-Bianca Thessaloniki(Image Credits: ert.gr)

Villa Bianca is a unique old building, an example of the ecclesiastic architecture that was constructed in 1913. It now houses the Municipal Art Gallery featuring significant collections of Byzantine icons, works of art and engravings.

6. Villa

Villa Petridi(Image Credits: inthessaloniki.com)

More than a century old, Villa Petridi, is a characteristic sample of the beautiful treasures of Thessaloniki incorporating many different architectural styles while maintaining its charm and harmony. After many years of abandonment, the villa was finally restored in 2014.

7. Villa Mordoch

Vila Morntox Thessaloniki

Named after the family that used to live there during the 1930’s, Villa Mordoch adorns the Exohon Quarter. Inspired by the Neo-classical, Renaissance, Baroque and Art Nouveau styles, the villa is an architectural jewel with frescoes, fine ornaments, floral decorations and motifs. In 1985, the villa was fully renovated and soon became home of the Municipal Gallery of Thessaloniki until it was transferred to the equally spectacular villa Bianca.


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