1st Thessaloniki Coffee & Brunch Festival

After the successful Street Food Festival and Beer Festival organized by the creative team of SoulFood in Thessaloniki, coffee enthusiasts will have the opportunity to savor some of the finest coffee blends and brunch choices at the 1st Thessaloniki Coffee & Brunch Festival being held at the Pavillion of the Nations, pavilion 6 of TIF Helexpo between the 17th and the 19th of February.

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Don’t miss the opportunity to taste some of the finest coffee blends, flavors and varieties in the most aromatic celebration of the season.

1st Thessaloniki Coffee & Brunch Festival

Attend a festival filled with flavor and fragrances, brunch choices and culture. Partake in several workshops to master the art of coffee roasting at our dedicated coffee lab and add flavor to the day with the most exquisite brunch options.

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At be* restaurant in Thessaloniki restaurant we understand that coffee is much more than a beverage, it is a passion bringing friends and family together. A passion with a history and a heritage that is revealed in every sip. Thus, we decided to partake in this festival and treat our beloved coffee addicts with some of the most spectacular brunch choices that simply bring coffee to another level.

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Plan a weekend escape in the heart of Thessaloniki, arrange your stay in the elegant environs of The Excelsior boutique hotel and be* greeted every morning with fabulous coffee and brunch choices.

The 1st Thessaloniki Coffee & Brunch Festival is on its way. Be* there!


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