Thessaloniki’s Carnival

The municipalities of Thessaloniki will be welcoming the carnival season with masquerade parties, parades, feasts, dances, traditional festivities and creative workshops for children. Let’s take a closer look at the regional festivities and embrace the carnival spirit while dressing up for the occasion.

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Municipality of Oraiokastro

The Municipality of Oraiokastro is organizing a great carnival parade on Sunday, February 11th with more than 15 masquerade teams and more than 1000 participants that will feel the streets of Oraiokastro with vivid colors and festive spirit. The festivities will begin on Friday the 9th with children’s parties, animators, jugglers and many surprises.

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The Municipality of Neapolis-Sykeon 

The festivities that have already begun include dances, concerts, parties, Carnival customs as well as magic tricks, juggling, contests, theatrical performances and many surprises for our little guests. The highlight of the festivities will be the celebration and feast of Clean Monday, on Monday the 19th of February.


Municipality of Thermi

Already beating to the rhythm of the Carnival, the Municipality of Thermi welcomes guests to wear their masks, join the festivities & folklore dances and witness the revival of traditional customs.

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city hotel thessaloniki

Wear your fancy gowns, masks and costumes, mingle with the locals and dance to the tunes of the carnival at some of Thessaloniki’s most picturesque areas.

Are you ready to join the carnival?


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