The Top 7 Reasons to Visit Halkidiki

Split into three spectacular peninsulas, the region of Halkidiki is like a painting of Monet, like an aria of an opera, like a scene in an epic movie. A place filled with the azure of the sea, the blue of the open sky and the green of its lands, with the colors of the rainbow and the radiance of the sun. Having said that, let’s have a look at 7 of the top reasons to visit Halkidiki.

1. The Beach

With 550 km of coastline and countless bays, sea caves, popular and remote beaches, Halkidiki seems a dream destination for swimmers.

halkidiki beaches

2. The Seabed

The rich seabed of Halkidiki is another reason to visit, to dive and snorkel, to seek and explore its underwater wonders.


3. The Landscape

Moving from the sea to the shore, you are welcome to lose yourself amidst the rolling hills, the green forests and natural treasures, the vineyards and fragrant groves of the region.

halkidiki region

4. The Mountains

Visit Kassandra and marvel Mount Olympus on a clear day, greet the gods and begin to shape your own myth.

mountains halkidiki

5. The Holy Mountain

And then comes the spirit, the faith and glory that will guide you to Mount Athos, the spiritual capital of the Orthodox Church.


6. The Past

But where did it all begin, what’s the story behind the scenes, what lies beneath the foundation of the grounds. Make your way to the ancient city of Olynthus and the Petralona cave to find the answers.

petralona cave

7. The Heritage

Or should you turn to science for that? Head to the city of Stagira, birthplace of Aristotle and visit the thematic park featuring several interactive and experimental instruments that justify some of the laws of nature.

aristotle statue stagira

Still wondering what to do in Halkidiki?

Arrange your stay in the pacifying environs of Eagles Villas or its sister property Eagles Palace hotel in Ouranoupolis and start exploring this picture-perfect region and all that it has to offer.

halkidiki hotels

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