The Regions of Halkidiki that Come Alive over the Summer

There are several reasons to visit Halkidiki over the summer. The scintillating beaches, the mesmerizing landscapes, the crystal-clear waters, the abundant choices of entertainment and leisure as well as the picturesque villages nestled within the most serene locations.
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This summer, when planning your summer holidays in Halkidiki, avoid the crowds and most popular spots and instead get ready to discover the region’s true essence by visiting some of the most beautiful villages of Northern Greece.


1. Fourka
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Situated in the Kassandra peninsula, the beautiful village of Fourka as well as the area of Skala Fourkas are popular especially during the summer months. The main square of Fourka features a great number of bars, fish taverns serving fresh fish, shops and fast food restaurants for all tastes and preferences. If you visit Fourka during July, make sure to attend the fair of Agia Marina where you can experience a local feast and dance.


2. Moudania & Nea Moudania
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In the peninsula of Kassandra, Nea Moudania is the second largest city of Halkidiki known for its fishing heritage, olive groves and stunning landscapes. There are many beach bars, water sports facilities, restaurants, Greek and fish taverns on the beautiful beach of Nea Moudania attracting numerous visitors all summer long. A large shopping mall is also located in the area ideal for your shopping adventures. Nea Moudania hosts a great number of artistic events and celebrations throughout the summer such as the Festival of the Sea and the Sardine festival worth attending.


3. Nea Fokaia
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The seaside village of Nea Fokaia in Kassandra features a great number of clean beaches, restaurants and fish taverns. It is a beautiful place for summer holidays for the entire family. During the months of July and August visitors are welcome to awaken some of the most authentic Asia Minor traditions at the Byzantine tower festival.


4. Olinthos
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Situated between the Kassandra and Sithonia peninsulas and only a short distance from ancient Olinthos, the agricultural village of Olinthos is a place one should visit to experience the local traditions and rich historical heritage. If you are visiting during the end of July make sure to attend the Olive Festival.


5. Siviri

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The seaside village of Siviri in west Kassandra is a very popular summer destination as it features a golden sandy shore with crystalline waters and enchanting fish taverns. It is also known for the Kassandra Festival hosted every July and August right outside the village.


6. Afitos

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Nuzzled in the natural landscape, the picturesque village of Afitos is filled with scenic squares, cobblestone alleys and traditional taverns, cafes and bars right above the coast. Worth visiting are the church of St. Demetrius, the old mansions and famous sculptures of Vassilis Pavlis as well as the folklore museum. The enchanting village of Afitos is flooded by tourists during the summer who wish to explore the beauties of the area and also attend the famous artistic Afitos festival.


7. Varvara

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Nestled within the lush greenery of the forest, the village of Varvara is a true oasis for moments of relaxation and repose. Visitors are welcome to embrace nature, visit the mesmerizing waterfalls situated nearby and of course attend the musical Varvara festival.


8. Agios Mamas
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Known for its long sandy beach and crystalline shallow waters, the picturesque village of Mamas offers a heavenly escape for travelers visiting Halkidiki especially in the beginning of September when the old fashion trade fair of Agios Mamas takes place.

Whichever part of the region you choose to visit over the holidays, there are certainly more things to do in Halkidiki than you can count. Arrange your stay at Eagles Palace hotel in Ouranoupolis and check out the areas most remarkable villages and all that they have to offer.



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