The Gold Routes of Halkidiki

The region of Halkidiki has been blessed with profuse beauty, with sun kissed shores and crystalline waters, pine hills and precious gold. Gold that has received a unique distinction, an enviable award earning great recognition for its high quality. The Gold of Arnaia, the nectar of the Gods.

arnaia xalkidiki(Image Credits:

We are of course referring to the high quality honey produced in Arnaia, a honey so exceptional that has managed to stand out in a 62-day long competition among 12.366 products and receive 2 Great Taste awards in this famous competition organized by the UK Guild of Fine Food.

The Arnaia honey now holds its own brand name making the area of Arnaia and the beautiful region of Halkidiki known to the world.

honey(Image Credits: Pinterest, Joy Daniels Coletta)

Continuing last year’s success, Dimitris Georgakas has managed to promote once again the impeccable high quality honey products of Arnaia leading the way to the Honey Routes.

halkidiki honey production(Image Credits:

Following the Honey Routes, visitors will have the opportunity to witness up close the production of honey, taste the regional honey products and learn everything there is to know about the nectar of the gods and its unique properties. From Vrastama to Arnaia, Olympiada, Stratoni, Ierisso and Ouranoupolis get ready for the sweetest journey of all times.

A journey that has been added to a special agrotourism program called “Three Green Mountains” that has been awarded by the Tourism Awards of 2016.

Follow the Gold Routes of Halkidiki until you reach Eagles Palace, where high quality honey is the least you can expect.

eagles palace bungalows

Arrange your stay in the paradisiacal setting of Eagles Palace hotel and savor the finest flavors the land has to offer.

Are you ready to follow the Gold Routes of Halkidiki?


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