Specialities in Halkidiki


Halkidiki, just like all other parts of Greece, is a place where the abundance of flavours is remarkable…Watch some of the specialities appear before your eyes…

Lentils  are one of the most popular traditional dishes of Halkidiki.


A favourable summer dish made simply by vegetables and tomato sauce, “Briam” a true vegetarian delight!


A heavenly seafood delicacy and the name of it…stuffed squids.


Rizogalo is a special rice pudding made with rice, sugar and milk and sprinkled with cinnamon for extra flavour…




If you want to experience the unique Monasterial Cuisine there is no better place to be than the Eagles Palace Hotel and Spa in Halkidiki inviting you to a unique culinary journey. From the early hours of the day , the monk Epifanios is preparing a monasterial menu, characterised by simplicity yet exquisite taste. Get your taste buds ready to experience the special gastronomic culture of Mount Athos!


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