Spa Experiences redefined

spa and wellness facilities in ouranoupolis

When you think about Spa, what you have in mind is the provision of services that will improve your health and general wellbeing, enhance your inner and outer beauty and maximize relaxation through personal care treatments.

What if spa was not just plain provision of services but something more? An experience that will redefine the whole meaning of personal spa treatments that you have in your mind…

So, probably by now you will be wondering where you are going to get these kind of experiences?

Search no more! Visit Eagles Palace Hotel and Spa in Ouranoupolis and get ready to redefine your idea of the spa!

spa treatments in Ouranoupolis Halkidiki

Eagles Palace Hotel and Spa is a luxury resort in Halkidiki known as the best spa resort in Northern Greece featuring one of the finest day spas in the world with outstanding wellness facilities.

Through a wide range of revitalizing spa events the Eagles Palace Hotel & Spa in Halkidiki welcomes you to live an unsurpassed resort spa experience that will get you in touch with your inner peace…

During Spa Week you will have the chance to indulge in the divine ambiance of the spa of Eagles Palace Hotel. Professional therapists offer an unrivalled variety of spa packages that will elevate the senses.

For our Yoga Week, Eagles Palace Hotel offers the ultimate yoga adventure to all guests who wish to enjoy the utmost serenity while exercising their body in a dreamy natural environment.

Yoga morning and evening courses are offered in the outdoor areas of the hotel and its beautiful lush gardens.

Embark on a sensual journey of self-awareness and experience ultimate moments of relaxation from the ultimate luxury hotel in Halkidiki….

Welcome to Eagles Palace Hotel & Spa!



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