Reasons to Visit Halkidiki in Greece

Halkidiki is the precious gem of Northern Greece, a gem with so many angles that it would be hard to pick a favorite. But if we absolutely had to name some of the top reasons to visit Halkidiki, we would have to at least mention the following:

1. The Gorgeous Beaches

Halkidiki Beaches(Image Credits:

Halkidiki is home to a great number of remarkable beaches, some considered to be amidst the best in the country.

2. The Beautiful Villages

halkidiki villages(Image Credits:

Halkidiki features some of the most beautiful villages in all of Greece.

3. Climb the Mountains – Hike through the Forests

halkidiki-hiking-holiday(Image Credits:

Halkidiki boasts several trails and peaks you would want to reach. With such gorgeous landscapes and natural wonders Halkidiki is the best place for hiking.

4. Mount Athos


Visit the Holy Mountain, the only monastic state in all of Europe.

5. The Food

halkidiki specialities(Image Credits:

Savor some of the finest regional specialties along with exemplary recipes of the monasterial cuisine.

6. The Local Wine


Visit the wineries and taste some local wine at the exact place that it is produced.

7. The Hospitality

dining at eagles palace

Embrace the warmth, the friendliness and legendary Greek hospitality in every step of the way.

8. The easy access


Fly to Thessaloniki, then hire a car and drive to Halkidiki. You can also take a bus or a taxi.

9. Seek the roots of philosophy


Homeland of Aristotle, Halkidiki dares you to experience its majesty through Aristotle’s five elements.

10. Cycling


(Image Credits:

Halkidiki features countless cycling routes to explore.

September is the best month for holidays in Greece
! In order to experience at least some of the region’s wonders, you would have to find a base for your visit.

eagles villas

Select between Eagles Palace 5 star luxury hotel & Spa and Eagles Villas in Halkidiki and experience a luxury late summer holiday in one of the most beautiful regions in the country.


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