Monasterial Cuisine at Eagles Palace Hotel

“You are going to remember me by the tip of my knife!”, he said. And that is how you will also remember the Monasterial cuisine.

The Monasterial cuisine has drawn the point where taste meets tradition. An amazing cuisine developed with traditional products by Greek monasteries and nunneries that has contributed to the monk’s longevity (many of them live beyond 100).


Always with respect to tradition, Eagles Palace, 5 star hotel & spa in Halkidiki offers the unique opportunity to get acquainted with the Monasterial cuisine with a special event taking place at its premises.

As Telegraph Travel refers to, the elder Monk and master chef Epifanios from the nearby Holy Mount Athos offers three cooking lessons in an open-air dining area during the summer at Eagles Palace, where hotel guests can join in at no extra charge.

mount athos

Among the 1,500-strong monastic community, Monk Epifanios is well known as one of the best chefs. The monk cooks on a daily basis for the community of monks and any visiting pilgrims. He has also published the book ‘Cuisine of the Holy Mountain Athos’ with more than 100 of recipes.


During his classes at Eagles Palace, Monk Epifanios prepares a monasterial menu to introduce people to the authentic Greek cooking tradition and let them discover step by step the art of cooking in Mount Athos, a living center or the Christian Orthodox religion. To promote the monastic culture, he cooks food such as cod with capers in a tangy lemon and onion sauce or octopus with sautéed onions in a tomato and white-wine sauce. As he says, “The key is to know what to do with the heat,” “feeling” the flavours in the way that intuitive cooks can. “It’s important to keep the temperature down when you add the oil.”


Visit Eagles Palace Hotel, situated just a breath away from Mount Athos, and be inspired by the mystique atmosphere as you enjoy your stay in one of the luxury rooms or suites, rejuvenate your body with customized spa treatments, swim in the private sandy beach and take part in one of the various activities the hotel offers ensuring a relaxing but marvellous holiday experience.

If you wish to participate in the cookery classes to further explore the Monasterial Cuisine, there is no better place to be than the Eagles Palace Hotel and Spa in Ouranoupolis of Halkidiki.

You are invited to a uniquely inspiring cultural experience and an unforgettable culinary journey.

Enjoy the voyage!

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