Excursions around Halkidiki, Greece

Spring has made its landing! What a better way to enjoy the season than an adventurous excursion to the gorgeous landscapes of Halkidiki?

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Let’s take a tour to the most beautiful regions and sites, to the most precious treasures of Northern Greece.


Varvara Waterfalls in Halkidiki

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Set in a verdant oasis between the villages of Varvara and Olympiada the two 15 m tall waterfalls will take your breath away.


The Petralona Cave

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Seeking for an alternative experience to enjoy in Halkidiki? Situated 300 m. above sea level, the Cave of Petralona is adorned with some of the most impressive stalactites and stalagmites. It is well known for the Petralona Skull or else Archanthropus europaeus petraloniesnsis, the oldest European hominid ever found.


The Thermal Springs of Kassandra

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Encircled by a pine forest, the area of Agia Paraskevi in Kassandra is renowned for its thermal springs and its exceptional landscape.


Aristotle’s Park

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At an altitude of 500 meters in the beautiful village of Stagira, the Aristotle’s park is totally worth a visit. A unique theme park with experimental instruments that can be operated with specific rules in physics mentioned in the textbooks of Aristotle himself.


Ancient Stagira

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Established in 665 B.C., the birthplace of Aristotle, holds a history of great significance. It is a place worth exploring on foot.


Mountain Holomontas

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A verdant oasis of incredible beauty filled with oaks, chestnuts, pines and firs, boasting some of the most amazing vistas to all directions.


The Museums of Arnaia

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The History and Folklore Museum of Arnaia as well as the Weaving Museum will take you on a journey through the local heritage and tradition.


The Prosforiou Tower

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A historic Byzantine tower in Ouranoupolis that belonged to the Vatopedi Monasteri of Mt. Athos. It was first reported in 1344 but it is believed to be much older.


Ancient Olinthos

(Image Credits: visit-halkidiki.gr)

An ancient city of Halkidiki of great historical importance, a city that used to be a significant economic and military center of the region from the 6th to the 3rd century BC.


The Ancient City of Toroni

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The City of Toroni used to be one of the greatest and wealthiest cities in Halkidiki. It is worth exploring its surroundings and marveling its beautiful setting by the sea.


Mount Athos

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An important center of the Eastern Orthodox monasticism, a spiritual capital of the Orthodox Christian world, home of 20 monasteries and 2,000 monks.

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