Eagles Palace Hotel & Spa: Meet Our People

Chris Bozas Barman

Chris Bozas

Mr Chris Bozas has been working at Eagles Palace Hotel in Halkidiki for 21 years. He speaks four languages fluently, has an infectious laugh, is polite by nature and can make the best mojito you’ve ever tasted. He is certainly one of the super stars of the hotel!
A guest recently remarked on foursquare “he is the best bartender and the nicest person I have met in years”. He can make the perfect cocktail, but most importantly, he is well loved by all his coworkers and adored by guests.
He cares about every aspect of a guest’s stay, making suggestions about dinner, excursions, helping with personal problems. Even during the winter, he corresponds with guests who consider him a good friend. He is a person who handedly embodies what Eagles Palace Hospitality is all about.

What do you enjoy most in your work?

Definitely the people! I really enjoy discussions with people of different cultures, thoughts and points of view. I love making cocktails depending on the people’s characters & preferences and find the right match.

Last but not least, I feel lucky to work at best spot of the hotel – the main bar, as I can admire the sunset and the moon unfolding before my eyes every day, as well as enjoy the lovely summer breeze around!

What do you feel is unique about Eagles Palace?

What makes the hotel so special can be felt in the air, in its atmosphere, the environment, the people and its unique location. From the moment you enter Eagles Palace Hotel in Halkidiki, you can just feel this…there are no words to describe it really; you have to feel it, you have to live it…

Chris Bozas
Do you have any interesting stories to tell from your work at Eagles Palace?

Once, I had a client at the bar who drank only wine. Every time he was about to take a sip, he would beat his glass twice as loud on the bar and everyone around would hear. After a while I got the courage to ask him why he did that.

He replied that he really enjoyed what he drank and had two theories:

1. You beat your glass when you drink for the people that are not present. My case is different though because, as you know, I just love wine!

2. Wine can please almost all our senses; it has scent and you can smell it, it has color and you can see it, it has taste and you can taste it, it has touch and you can feel it…it is only the sound that it is missing.
After beating the glass twice again on the bar he said: “I now drink it with all my senses”!

As you understand, for the following couple of days I had a client beating his glass on the bar!


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