Eagles Palace Hotel & Spa: Meet Our People


Lena Tornivouka
Vice President of Macedonian Hotels

What is your day like?

My day is always interesting, challenging and fulfilling. It is a blessing to encounter people from diverse cultures, coworkers and guests on a daily basis, leaving stress and work anxiety behind. In such an enchanting environment even the most hectic day can turn into a walk in the park.

Which is your favorite spot within the hotel?

Even though every spot at Eagles Palace is equally amazing, the Armyra restaurant is my personal favorite. I enjoy eating dinner right by the sea under the veil of the twinkling stars or relish the mouthwatering dishes served during barbeque nights.

If you were a guest of the hotel which room would you prefer and why?

Besides the exceptional suites and bungalows I believe I would choose to stay in one of the double garden view rooms overlooking the fragrant gardens, exuding a sense of serenity and harmony.

What do you feel is the most distinctive feature of your hotel?

There are so many to choose from but if I must pick one I would have to say that it is the heavenly embrace of our Mediterranean fragrant gardens garnished with exotic palm trees and perfumed olive trees. Another thing I find to be very distinctive is the hotel’s close proximity to the sea allowing you to fall asleep to the whispering sound of waves and wake up to the chirping sound of birds.

What is your favorite activity in the surrounding area?

With so many options available, it is quite hard to pick just one outdoor activity as a favorite but I do enjoy swimming, snorkeling and boating to the picturesque island of Ammouliani.

Can you share the names of any famous guests who have stayed in the hotel, or return on a periodic basis?

We like to value the privacy of our “famous” or equally important “anonymous” guests alike. This is why we never release any names and our guests enjoy returning to the hotel year after year.

The national economy is going through an extremely difficult time at present. How do you withstand this adversity?

During these hard times, we try to really make a difference at our 5 star hotel in Halkidiki. We know hospitality really well and offer a heartwarming embrace to all of our guests along with high quality services enhancing in such way their holiday experience. It is a matter of pride for us Greeks to offer the best Greek hospitality to all of our guests.


You are in charge of all renovations of Eagles Palace. What are your challenges?

Every hotel of the Macedonian Hotels Group is a different challenge for me. Eagles Palace is a forty year hotel, completely renovated to appeal to the modern guests needs. Everything is done, however, with respect to the hotel’s original architecture. We respect the past and believe that Eagles Palace makes guests comfortable because it is aristocratic, but by no means flashy. I think of it as of timeless beauty, a dazzling woman that becomes more and more beautiful as the years pass.


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