Best Places for Cycling and Mountain Biking in Halkidiki

Mountain biking as well as cycling in Halkidiki have become extremely popular in the region with so many amazing landscapes, gorgeous routes and exhilarating mountain paths waiting to be explored.
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Becoming gradually two of the most favorite Halkidiki sports, cycling and mountain biking continue to attract more and more cycling tour groups year after year wishing to explore the Athos cycling circuit. The increasing demand has resulted in the opening of more rental businesses creating a new market for the tourism industry in Halkidiki.
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From paved roads to gravel and rocky cliffs, the Athos cycling tour offers cycling adventures for both amateur and professional cyclists giving visitors the chance to discover some of the most adventurous alternative experiences to enjoy in Halkidiki.
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For travelers wishing to test their limits in some of the most exciting Halkidiki Sports, mountain biking is the way to go.

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Select the biking route that better suits your needs with the help of professional experts from Explore The Outside, visit the enchanting village of Ouranoupolis and climb the hills overlooking the Drenia islands. Lose yourself in the mesmerizing landscape and delve into Halkidiki’s natural wonders on a bike.

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Arrange your stay at the Eagles Palace hotel in Ouranoupolis Halkidiki and get ready to pump up your adrenaline with some of the most thrilling outdoor activities in Greece including cycling and mountain biking allowing you to uncover the hidden beauties of the region.

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