An “Ode” to Aristotle and his birthplace in Halkidiki

Known for its exotic beaches and breath-taking landscapes, the region of Halkidiki is considered a heavenly destination for relaxing holidays. A mythical place with holy grounds that has more secrets than stars in the sky. Secrets, legends and truths that have travelled through time, secrets that have been sealed or unveiled for you to see.

Such a secret has been revealed long ago, enabling you to walk the paths of wisdom, science and philosophy paved by Aristotle.

agalma aristotle

Follow the sign to Mount Athos, the twists and turns and lush vegetation, look to the left where a hilly green peninsula stands right before your eyes…this is it! You have made it to your destination, the birthplace of the prominent ancient Greek philosopher, welcome to Stageira.

Untouched, extraordinary, this archaeological site near the village of Olympiada evokes a feeling of greatness and a sense of purpose. The purpose to explore and discover inch by inch the aspects of life through the paths walked by Aristotle.

chalkidiki(Image Credits:

From the fortification walls of the acropolis to the foundations of entire complexes, perhaps even of the home of Aristotle, you can get a clear view of the island of Kapros. Moving from the ruins to the woods and wilderness, the woods that were once used to build Andros’ fleets and then all the way to the crest to marvel the ruins of the splendid temple that used to stand there.

Along the way you will also reach the gate of the city, a site of significant importance as it features characteristics from all periods in time, from the colony of Andros, the city of Stageira that was brought back to life by Philip and of course of the Byzantine period.

stoa halkidiki(Image Credits:

Last but not least you will encounter the Stoa, the place where Aristotle gathered his thoughts, where public debates were held, where he wrote his last will in testimony.

The journey of the past ends here but your journey of discovery continues at New Stageira where you will find a park dedicated to the philosopher. A place where you can participate in experiments and activities dedicated to his work and wisdom related to illusions, acoustics and vortexes, allowing you to partly understand his way of thinking and way of living.

parko-aristotle(Image Credits:

The way he stood, as seen by his statue, filling the place with greatness. The statue of Aristotle, the Stageirite.

You are welcome to walk the paths of Aristotle, to seek for your own answers and reach your own conclusions.


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