Winter Tales in Thessaloniki

The best tales are written under a starry sky, in a mystical atmosphere and a fairy-like setting. In the glow of twinkling lights and the misty veil enveloping the city of Thessaloniki.

thessaloniki in winter

So, if you are wondering why to visit the city of Thessaloniki during the winter, let us give you a few good reasons.

1. Thessaloniki’s Waterfront

thermaikos thessaloniki(Image Credits:

Picture the rain caressing the sea against the cloudy sky of Thermaikos as you enjoy a hot cocoa at one of the city’s elegant seafront cafes in Thessaloniki.

2. Sweet Mornings

mpugatsa(Image Credits:

Wake to the chill of the morning and warm up with a cup of freshly brewed coffee and a mouthwatering freshly baked bougatsa.

3. Culture Hopping

museums of thessaloniki

Visit some of the Thessaloniki most popular museums while avoiding the lines and crowds, spend some quality time in the galleries in absolute peace and quiet.

4. Lunch by the Fireplace

wine and fireplace(Image Credits:

Relish exceptional regional flavors by the fireplace at some of the city’s cozy taverns, bistros and restaurants and cheer with a glass of local wine.

5. Winter Wonderland

forest seih sou(Image Credits:

Visit the Seych Sou forest wearing its winter gown, truly a sight to behold!

6. Sparkling Nature

chortiatis(Image Credits:

If you enjoy even lower temperatures, then a visit to Mount Chortiatis is a must. Hike the mountain collecting chestnuts or plan a barbeque with your family and friends.

7. Christmas Spirit

chestnuts(Image Credits:

Chestnuts right? The ultimate smell of winter in the city. Make sure to try some from the street venders on Tsimiski street.

8. Winter Scents

Bitter orange(Image Credits:

Soon you will notice another fruity scent in the air. That of bitter orange coming straight from the bitter orange trees from Agios Minas. A scent blending with the roasting corn on the cob and the aromas of the season.

9. A Cup of Tea

cup of tea(Image Credits:

Follow the scents of the season all the way to Athonos street and the stores selling all kinds of teas and healthy tonics. Relax as you watch the world go by with a cup of steaming tea.

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