Thessaloniki’s Wild-Wild West

You’ve explored the city from side to side, the monuments, museums and galleries. You’ve experienced its vibrant lifestyle and now you feel that it’s time to take a break from the vigorous city center and seek your peace and quiet in the countryside. So, get ready to escape into the wild just minutes away from Thessaloniki.

ziogas western city thessaloniki

Set only half an hour away from the city, Ziogas Western City in the picturesque village of Lefkochori takes you on a joy ride to the Wild-Wild West. Learn about the secrets of horses and ride one of the 35 horses available through the region’s blessed nature. With routes lasting from ten minutes to a full day, anyone experienced or beginner will have a chance to ride a horse.

western-city ziogas

After your ride, relax in the Saloon with a hot cup of coffee and delicious food, buy some souvenirs from the souvenir shop or head to the stables with your kids to feed the domestic animals.

Make it a day with fun and enjoyable activities such as archery and shooting and feel like a cowboy into the wild. What a wonderful way to spend a day with your family and take a break from the hectic city life?

lefkohori agroktima ziogas

Arrange your stay in the urban nature atmosphere of City Hotel in the heart of Thessaloniki and continue your journey through nature with an excursion to Ziogas Western City.


It is the perfect place to enjoy nature, play mini golf, walk the paths on mount Clepe, go fishing at the lake, enjoy your lunch in the saloon or have your own barbecue under the shade of the trees.

Bring along your pets and let them enjoy some free time of their own.
Ready to head to the Wild-Wild West of Thessaloniki?



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