Thessaloniki’s Olympic Museum

The ancient Olympic Games were originally staged in Olympia in the form of a festival, a celebration dedicated to Zeus since 776 BC. In 1896, the Olympic Games were held in Athens for the first time and inaugurated the world’s most preeminent sporting competition.

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Being the co-capital of Athens and one of the most important cultural hubs in Europe, Thessaloniki has its own Olympic Corner paying tribute to the world’s highest profile sporting competition.

Housed in a modern building of 4500 square meters, Thessaloniki’s Olympic Museum holds permanent exhibitions devoted to the Olympic Games in its four exhibition halls. The highlight of the museum is “The Science of Sports” interactive exhibition room featuring a track and field stadium simulation.

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The Olympic Museum of Thessaloniki was established to honor the history of the Olympic Games and to motivate both the citizens and visitors of Thessaloniki to be part of this worldwide athletic fiesta, encourage them to participate in sports and build a personal sense of well-being.

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Promoting the cultural side of this world renowned sports competition, the Olympic Museum in Thessaloniki hosts several permanent and temporary exhibitions in order to communicate the history, values and ethos of the Olympic Games.

So, if you are an Olympics fanatic, there is no better place to connect with the culture of the Olympic Games than the city of Thessaloniki.

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