Thessaloniki’s Hidden Treasures

There are hidden wonders in Thessaloniki that you won’t find in travel guides and secrets to be revealed next time you visit. Let’s sneak a peek at the top Thessaloniki treasures not known by many.

1. The City above the City

argonauton_ano_poli(Image Credits:

Most likely you have already visited Ano Poli, the upper town of Thessaloniki to enjoy the fine flavors and picturesque atmosphere. Next time you head that way, make sure to stop at the street of Argonauton to marvel the city from above, the multi-colored houses, the little windows and the yards with the colorful flowers.

2. The Secret Café

kafe_tou_mitsou(Image Credits:

Beside the modern and avant-garde bars and cafes, there is a little place that has become a hub for visitors and locals alike at the Kapani, Vlali market called “tou Mitsou”. Make sure to visit the café, listen to Rebetika songs, drink some raki and taste some local dishes.

3. The Twelve Apostles square

propileon(Image Credits:

Beside the famous square, the area is also known for the Byzantine cistern, the Propylon and the Pasha Hamam Ottoman Bath. It is also a place for food lovers who wish to escape the ordinary.

4. The Futuristic Church in the City Centre

katakomves(Image Credits:

The futuristic church hidden from the eyes of the public, underneath the road at the junction of Iktinou and Mackenzie King streets is definitely worth visiting.

5. The Unknown café with the Secret Garden

backside_cafe(Image Credits:

No matter how many times you pass it by, it will be hard to notice until someone points it out. The Backside café is an old style café hidden behind a building on Tsimiski street within a garden that will remind you of the years of your early adulthood.

6. A Monument Amidst the Apartment Buildings

alaca_imaret(Image Credits:

The colorful asylum Alaca Imaret is a 15th century mosque on Kassandrou street that serves as an exhibition space, hosting several periodic exhibitions and events, so make sure to check it out!


As you can see, there are many places in Thessaloniki that you haven’t even heard of. Arrange your stay at City hotel in the city center and start searching for the next treasure to reveal.

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