Thessaloniki City Hopping – Nearby Escapes

Thessaloniki is a city of abundance with so many things to do that usually a single visit is not enough. If again, you are a frequent traveler to Thessaloniki for business or pleasure you might feel like exploring the surrounding areas of Thessaloniki as well.

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Ready to see what’s hidden outside the city?

 Edessa (75 km)

edessa greece(Image Credits:

Walk the picturesque streets of Edessa, visit the waterfall and relish exceptional flavors at the local restaurants.

Naoussa (83 km)

naoussa ski resorts(Image Credits:

Set off to marvel the scenic landscapes of Naoussa and ski the day away at the exceptional ski resort of 3-5 Pigadia.

 Mount Olympus (90 km)

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Head for the homeland of the Gods, seek for its beauties, unravel its legends and well-hidden secrets.

Kerkini Lake (98 km)

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Embark on a journey through nature, visit the impressive wetland of Kerkini Lake and unwind in its bliss.

 Drama (146 km)

drama greece(Image Credits:

Step into a verdant oasis with running waters, springs and rivers surrounded by imposing mountains. Discover the region’s natural treasures and cultural heritage. 

Kastoria (190 km)


Get ready to walk into a live natural museum, to be enchanted by the beauties of Kastoria, by its rich nature and history.

Florina (193 km)

florina greece(Image Credits: Pinterest)

Visit the ultimate winter destination in Northern Greece and be astound by its natural beauty, its gorgeous lakes and ski center.

 Xanthi (205 km)

ksanthi greece (Image Credits:

Discover the perfect place for alternative holidays, for nature lovers and multicultural audiences combining exceptional food with sightseeing.

city hotel thessaloniki

Among Thessaloniki hotels, choose City hotel as your starting point in the heart of Thessaloniki and enjoy a ride to the region’s most marvelous nearby destinations.


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