Thessaloniki: A Favorable foodie destination

Blending the Turkish, the Cypriot and the Mediterranean tradition, Thessaloniki has become a favorable foodie destination for visitors of all tastes and preferences.

Thessaloniki local cuisine(Image Credits:

From street food to veggie delights, meat dishes and international flavors, the city of Thessaloniki has all that it takes to be considered a foodie destination.

Street Food

Street food in thessaloniki

Mahalo Civilized Food

(Image Credits: FB Page, @mahalocivilizedfood)

Whatever it is you are craving, this is the place to tickle your taste buds with choices such as koulouri Thessaloniki’s, souvlaki, pizza, sandwiches, falafel, burritos and pasta.

Enjoy Street Food in Thessaloniki > Mahalo

Mediterranean Food with a Twist

Mediterranean Food in Thessaloniki


(Image Credits: FB Page, @3xtravaganza)

There are countless of restaurants in Thessaloniki serving the most amazing flavors of the Mediterranean gastronomy with a twist inspired by Asia Minor, Turkey, Cyprus or the Balkans in general.

Indulge in Mediterranean Cuisine in Thessaloniki > ERGON AgoraExtravaganza, Sebriko

Fish & Sea food

seafood in Thessaloniki(Image Credits: FB Page, @mareaseaspirit)

Embraced by the azure waters of the sea, Thessaloniki could only be a great place for fishermen catching fresh fish and seafood all year round. Anytime you decide to visit the city of Thessaloniki, you will sure find a great assortment of fresh fish and seafood that will tantalize your gustatory palates.

Sea Food Restaurants in Thessaloniki > Marea Sea Spirit, 7 thalasses

Steak Houses

steak house thessaloniki(Image Credits: FB Page, @paliaathina)

Meat lovers of the world gather up as Thessaloniki has not one, but several treats for all of you to enjoy.

Thessaloniki SteakHouses > Old Athens, Opsopoion Maganeiai

Vegan & Vegetarian Food

vegan food thessaloniki (Image Credits: FB Page, @roots.vegan)

Thessaloniki features some of the most exceptional restaurants in all of Greece with exquisite menus especially designed for vegetarians and vegans.

Vegan Restaurant in Thessaloniki > Roots

Pizza & Pasta

pizza in thessaloniki(Image Credits: FB Page, @poselli)

This is another special treat for all pizza and pasta lovers. Thessaloniki features an amazing selection of restaurants offering pizza & pasta of all types.

Italian Cuisine in Thessaloniki > Pizza Poselli, Pizza Please

Ethnic Food

ethnic food in thessaloniki(Image Credits: FB Page,

Offering everything from Chinese to Indian food, Mexican, Italian, Arabian and Argentinian flavors, Thessaloniki is a Mecca for Ethnic food lovers.

Ethnic Food in Thessaloniki > El Burrito

Fine Dining

fine dining thessaloniki(Image Credits: FB Page, @Brestaurantbar)

For those appreciating fine dining, this is definitely a place to be, as it is lined with numerous gourmet restaurants in Thessaloniki worth trying out.

Enjoy Fine Dining in Thessaloniki > Clochard, Βήτα


All it takes to make up your mind is to step outside City Hotel in Thessaloniki center and follow the scents and flavors to some of Thessaloniki’s most incredible restaurants that meet your style, appetite and budget.


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